Portable Fueling

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Portable Fueling Solutions

TruStar Energy’s Portable Fueling Station [PFS] is the fastest way to fuel CNG vehicles at your location. If you currently have CNG vehicles and are fueling off-site, the PFS allows your fleet to fuel at your location within four hours of arrival*, putting fuel savings to your bottom line immediately. If you currently have access to gas and power, you’re ready to go. With the ability to fuel eight vehicles simultaneously, you can fuel your fleet overnight while taking advantage of lower energy rates. If you’re expanding to a new location, the mobility of the PFS makes it the perfect option - allowing you move your station with you as you expand. Use the PFS as a bridge while your permanent station is being constructed. Whether you purchase the PFS outright or rent it - the PFS provides maximum flexibility. Contact your TruStar sales representative for more details.

Portable CNG Fueling.

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